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Puppy Einstein - 6 Weeks

Ideally suited for puppies 2 1/2 – 5 months of age. This class will focus on the challenges that happen within this age group, learning to learn, attention, early socialization and foundation skills.
Instructor: Jackie Parkin

Real Life Dog Skills - 6 Weeks

 This 6 weeks long class is obedience for the family dog. In this class, we focus on the everyday skills a family pet needs to be a good Canine Citizen and valued family member. This life skills course includes attention, sits/downs/stand, 'place', polite greetings, polite doorway behaviour, polite leash walking, recalls, not stealing food ... skills needed for real life.
No pre-requisite needed dogs of any age.

Kindergarten Obedience - 6 Weeks

Get a head start on relationship-building with your puppy This class is specifically for puppies under 6 months of age and focuses on developing early life skills and introducing foundations needed for happy integration into your family or future training classes. Skills covered are: positions (sit, down, etc.), loose leash walking, stay and come, leave it, cooperative care (nail trims, toilet training, vet visits), common puppy problems (nipping, jumping up, etc.). No pre-requisite required Instructor: Helen Parkinson

Grade School Obedience - 8 Weeks

Life skills, obedience and sport foundations This class teaches basic family pet skills and obedience including all the skills in Kindergarten but at a higher level of difficulty - we will polish up those sits and downs, advance the stays, improve loose leash walking, work on polite manners for greeting, and continue to prevent common management problems people offer encounter with their dogs. The class will also introduce foundation skills needed to succeed in further dog training - things like targets, heeling, and body awareness. Prerequisite: Dogs under 6 months should complete Kindergarten, no prerequisite for older dogs with some established obedience behaviours Instructor: Helen Parkinson

Highschool Obedience - 8 Weeks 

Advanced obedience and life skills In this class we are working towards greater understanding of all the basic behaviours and adding greater challenges such as high level distractions and some off-leash work. Prerequisite: Grade School Obedience or equivalent Instructor: Helen Parkinson

Graduate School Obedience - 6 Weeks

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Reliable Rovers - 6 Weeks

Refresh life skills, recalls and loose leash walking skills This class focuses specifically on impulse control, loose leash walking, and recalls by utilizing progressive layers of games. Each week new games will be introduced for you and your dog to work on in class and then take on the road over the following week. The class is ideal for dogs who have basic manners but want to focus more on off-leash reliability. Instructor: Helen Parkinson No prerequisite required.

Service Dog Training Level 1 - 8 Weeks

Service Dog Training Level 1 has very little to do with tasks or being able to handle walking through the mall. This class is part of a series that will guide you through the process and support you while building your service dog team. Classes provide expert instruction and hands on assistance for dogs of all ages

Sport Puppy - 6 Weeks

This program focuses on foundations skills to prepare puppies for future sports. Exercises such as focus, crate games, hind end awareness, balance & positioning, sport recalls, cavaletti, and more. This class does not cover life skills such as sits/downs, come, place, polite leash walking. Recommended for experienced handlers teaching life skills at home and/or pups coming out of either ODS puppy classes

Ring Confidence for You and Your Dog - Training for Competition - 6 Weeks

Handlers spend months even years training specific exercises only to score low or NQ at a trial. Learn the art of proofing your dog’s skills before you go to trial. Learn how to manage your nerves, not stress and feel more confident in the ring.

Dog Sport Sampler - 6 Weeks

Finished puppy and/or basic classes? Wondering what to do next? Try our new Sport Sampler class. Each week you will be introduced to and have a chance to 'sample' one or two different sports. A great way to find out what sports you and your dog love. This class is suitable for any dog having completed Puppy Einstein, Kindergarten, Real Life Skills, or Grade School (or equivalent if trained elsewhere)