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Obedience Foundations

This class is geared towards dogs who completed a basic obedience/grad puppy class and would like to further develop and refine obedience skills. This class also is my first step towards a career as a competitive obedience dog Instructor: Sean Kent

Critical Concepts for Competition - Shaping, Luring, and Capturing - 6 Weeks

This course focuses on you. Most points are lost by the handler. This course takes a dry coaching course and turns it into games, puzzles and challenges. Learn to train your dog faster and better. Learn how to teach your dog to focus, heel and stay.

Novice Obedience: Ring Ready

This class is geared towards dogs that are looking towards trailing. In this class, we will discuss each Novice exercise, break them down and develop training activities for each Novice exercise Instructor: Sean Kent

Open Obedience: Getting Started

This class is for dogs and handlers who are looking towards the Open Obedience Ring and are wanting to get started. We will look at each open exercise break them down and build them up Instructor: Sean Kent

Rally and Freestyle Foundations - 8 Weeks

Building the foundations for obedience, rally-o and freestyle This class focuses on building foundation behaviours for Rally-O, Rally FrEe and Musical Freestyle. Topics covered include: heeling (both sides), fronts and finishes, pivots and turns, positions and a few fun tricks! This class is designed to provide the basic foundations for future competition in the obedience and heelwork sports. Prerequisite: Grade School obedience or equivalent Instructor: Helen Parkinson

Novice Rally

Rally skills, signs and transitions This class has been designed to prepare dogs and handlers for Novice Rally. We will start by covering the basic skills and signs common in most Rally organizations (such as UKC, CKC and CARO), and we will slowly work towards sequencing signs and working up to practicing some Novice CARO courses. Prerequisite: Rally and Freestyle Foundations Instructor: Helen Parkinson

Rally Advanced / Excellent

This class has been designed to prepare dogs and handlers for advanced and Excellent. We will review advanced / excellent signs, break them down, and practice courses in preparation for trial. Instructor: Sean Kent

Freestyle and Rally Free - 6 Weeks

 Information coming
Instructor: Helen Parkinson-Brown


Instructor: Suzanne Wiebe

Unleashing Your Dog's Potential - Rally Free and Off Leash Heeling - 6 Weeks

Learn the Novice Rally free signs, basic freestyle tricks, and off leash heeling while showing your dog that obedience can be fun. We will show you how to transition from training to performing, preparing for competition.