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Agility Foundations - 6 Weeks

An introduction to the foundation behaviours Agility is as much about handling as it is about obstacles and this introduction to the sport reflects that. In Beginner 1 students focus on the foundation behaviours necessary to play agility with their dog, things such as: off-leash reliability, start line stays, moving with the handler, driving to an object, over an object, between objects, body awareness etc. While the class will introduce some of the equipment, beginner dogs will not be performing full contacts or weaves. Humans will also be working on their mechanics - with handling skills such as front cross, rear cross, blind cross, serpentine and threadles.
Instructor: Helen Parkinson
No prerequisite, but Gradeschool obedience or Reliable Rovers are HIGHLY recommended, open to dogs over 6 months of age (but age will limit what activities they can engage in).

Beginner Agility 2 - 6 Weeks

Building on foundations and starting to introduce more equipment This class is sometimes offered in conjunction with Beginner 1 and sometimes as a separate class depending on enrollment. Beginner 2 grows the foundation behaviours and starts introducing the dogs to contacts and weaves in addition to sequences of 2 - 3 jumps and tunnels, as well as more challenging jump skills such as backsides and threadles. Like Beginner 1 the focus of the class is split between the dog’s learning their role (the equipment performance) and the human learning their role (handling).
Instructor: Helen Parkinson
Prerequisite: Beginner 1

Intermediate Agility - 6 Weeks

Starting to sequence Intermediate agility is a multi-level class that incorporates skills for dogs fresh out of Beginner 2 to dog’s almost ready to progress to course running. Intermediate finishes teaching the contacts and weaves and begins to incorporate more complicated handling maneuvers and longer sequences or obstacles. The handling style taught in this class is derived from Susan Garrett’s Handling 360, meaning that there will be an emphasis on VERBALS to help direct your dog, you do not have to subscribe to H360 or follow this handling system to take this class. At all times, handler and dog are encouraged to work at their own level, progressing only when both parts of the team feel confident. This class progresses handling skills such as: blind crosses, front crosses, rear crosses, threadles and serpentines as well as introducing elements of international handling such as K-turns, lap turns, push back, forced front crosses etc.
Instructor: Helen Parkinson
Prerequisite: Beginner 2 

Advanced Agility

Getting ready to compete This class combines some full course running with challenging drills to prepare your agility dog for competition in AAC, UKI or CPE venues. The handling style taught in this class is derived from Susan Garrett’s Handling 360, meaning that there will be an emphasis on VERBALS to help direct your dog, you do not have to subscribe to H360 or follow this handling system to take this class. All dogs must have a full understanding of ALL OBSTACLES and handlers should have a good understanding of basic handling skills (front cross, rear cross, blind cross, etc.).
Instructor: Helen Parkinson
Prerequisite: Intermediate agility

Beginner Jump Grid - 4 Weeks

Based on Susan Salo’s Jump Grids program, this class is focused on teaching the dogs proper, safe, jump form. Just like a human athlete needs to learn proper mechanics when competing in a sport, so your dog will benefit from learning efficient movement patterns through progressive jump grids. The beginner class is ideal for agility dogs (or future agility dogs), but also applicable to any dog sport that requires jumping (such as, disc, flyball, etc.). Dogs should be one year of age to participate, although things can be tweaked for younger dogs. Dogs must be able to wait their turn in a crate (or similar) as we will be working one dog at a time - this way you get to train your dog AND train your eye to watch for proper jump form. Instructor: Helen Parkinson
Prerequisite: none.

Advanced Jump Grids - 4 Weeks

This class builds on the foundation grids introduced in Beginner Jump grids with more emphasis on different approaches into jumps, lead changes, reading distance and height.
Instructor: Helen Parkinson
Prerequisite: Beginner Jump Grids OR experience with foundation jump grids

Agility Fun Runs - 4 Weeks

This class is designed for dogs who are getting ready for competition. Each week two AAC-style courses will be set up (a jumpers, standard, snooker and gamblers course over the 4 weeks) with a nested Starter and Masters level. We will be working as if it were a trial - with entry gates, a ‘judge’ and ring crew, so any dog not running should be crated so the handler can fill in for ring crew or gate steward positions. Cost of class covers 2 turns for each handler, so you may work 1 dog twice or 2 dogs once. Instructor: Helen Parkinson Prerequisite: Completion of Intermediate agility OR proficiency with all agility obstacles.